What Are PerformanceLetters?

It’s Simple:

Newsletters are about news…
PerformanceLetters are about performance — your team’s performance!


High performance leaders need a consistent avenue of communication with their sales teams. A communication vehicle solely devoted to sharing leadership topics that will inspire the team and keep them motivated throughout the fiscal year, even though their leaders can’t be physically present with them.

Many leaders try to accomplish this by publishing a company newsletter. Newsletters fulfill some of the goals. But too many newsletters are dry and mundane. They’re reactionary, containing only news about what has happened or what is about to happen.

But there’s so much more that leaders need to communicate. That’s why leaders in the 21st century are moving away from their old newsletters and are now using a new communication tool called PerformanceLetters(SM).

PerformanceLetters allow leaders to bring a high-performance vision to their sales teams every month. They give leaders the ability to bring a success message that’s tailored for their particular company and their particular industry.

Success magazines have loads of good material, but it’s all so generic, leaders never find the detail they need to bring to their team. PerformanceLetters, on the other hand, provide a platform to deliver your vision with a detailed, custom success-driven message specifically for your team. And it can do so month in and month out.

PerformanceLetters Develop Quality Leadership

PerformanceLetters give leaders the ability to develop other leaders in the organization, where other executives can help cast the vision and the direction. They provide an invaluable medium for mentoring. There’s nothing like a top sales performer sharing their tips and tricks for high-flying success. New and young sales associates benefit from monthly direction from the company’s top executives and sales people.

PerformanceLetters Recognize Top Performers

PerformanceLetters give leaders the ability to recognize top performers every month in front of the entire sales team. This sets the standard for the rest of the team and provides much needed goals for all team members. PerformanceLetters provide a platform for telling motivational and inspirational stories, one of the best tools for getting everyone working toward the same goals.

PerformanceLetters Customize Success for Your Team

PerformanceLetters offer sales insights for your particular company and your specific customers. This is extremely powerful for your growing sales team. Pulling all of this together in a monthly PerformanceLetter allows leaders to develop a motivated sales team that’s working toward one goal and achieving levels of performance they’ve never experienced before.

What We Can Offer

Newsletters for many businesses are a necessary evil. You’re not in the publishing business and no one in your company really wants to publish a newsletter. Yet you know you have to communicate with your team. Unfortunately, most sales teams don’t even read their company newsletters. That’s why company after company is discovering that newsletters just don’t cut it anymore. Your team has to read the publication. And your communication has to drive results. Newsletters are not designed to do that. But that’s exactly what PerformanceLetters do.

Our team of highly skilled professionals has worked for the U.S. Military, major publishing companies (such as Windows NT Magazine), and our writers have written for Success Magazine and Zig Ziglar. Our leadership has over 50 years of publishing experience in the newsletter business. And we know how to write and deliver a powerful message for our clients. Our writing and publishing expertise is delivering for some of the top companies in the world.

One of our clients said only about 15% of its sales team was reading its rinky-dink company newsletter. But when they started using PerformanceLetters, readership skyrocketed to 85%. One manager said, “This is the best communication device corporate has had us do in years.” It drives results!

What’s more, your team doesn’t have to develop and publish the newsletter anymore. We do it for you. Your newsletter will be the talk of your company. That’s what we offer – a custom communication device that will drive powerhouse results for your sales team. And we’ll do it with little effort on your part.

External Newsletters

We do a lot more than just internal newsletters. If you have a print or email newsletter you send out to customers or other businesses, we can turn it into a PerformanceLetter as well. We have over 50 years of cumulative newsletter experience with consumer newsletters. So let us help you drive results with your new PerformanceLetter.

Communication Consulting

You have a fantastic vision for your company. You also want to communicate it in a way that motivates, inspires, and drives results from all of your employees? If you want to empower your employees to perform at exceedingly high levels, our communication consulting services can make it happen.

Employee Communication Consulting

Every day, your employees send out thousands of emails representing your company. How effective are these emails? Do they represent your company well? Do they uphold the standard you expect? And do they drive results? Every employee in your company can learn the skill of effective email writing. It’s an overlooked area within every company.

Let’s Talk

If you’re interested in having your own custom PerformanceLetter, where you can propel your sales team to new heights, then there’s only one company that can deliver what you need.

With over 50 cumulative years in the newsletter and copywriting business, writers for Success magazine and Zig Ziglar, and a high-performance design and editorial team, Quest Media International is the only company producing what Jerry Bowyer of Forbes.com calls “custom success newsletters.”

Our team of publishing experts knows how to transform your internal newsletter into a PerformanceLetter. We want to hear from you. Please submit the contact information below and we’ll contact you immediately. Your information is kept completely private and won’t be shared with anyone.

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